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Collective Actions in Turkey

Prof. Erdem Büyüksagis (Law Faculty Antalya International University) sent us an update about the state of collective actions in Turkey.


Collective Redress Discussed in German Electoral Campaign

Prof. Axel Halfmeier (Leuphana University) has sent us a short note on the current class action proposal in Germany and the related discussions.

An Overview of Class Actions in Argentina

Francisco Verbic (National University of La Plata Faculty of Law and Social Sciences) sent us an update on the state of class actions in Argentina.


Class Action Act Lithuania (English version)

Renata Juzikienè (Supreme Court Lithuania; Director of the Department of Legal Research and Review) provided us with an (unofficial) English translation of the 2015 Lithuanian Class Action Act.

Class Actions in New Zealand

Liesle Theron (Meredith Connell) provided us with an update about class action developments in New Zealand.


What's Going On In Poland? An Update on Class Actions and Litigation Funding

Our friends Magdalena Tulibacka and Radoslaw Goral send this description of developments in Poland. Since its inception a little more than a year ago, some 40 class actions have been filed in Poland, virtually all against public entities.