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International Collaborative Research Network Established

An International Collaborative Research Network (ICRN) has been established under the umbrella of the US Law & Society Association to conduct comparative case studies of class action and mass non-class litigation. The ICRN is co-chaired by Profs. Deborah Hensler (Stanford Law School), Christopher Hodges (Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies) and Ianika Tzankova (Univeristy of Tilburg). Using a common research protocol, researchers from 10 countries are interviewing lawyers and judges and reviewing legal documents to construct case study narratives of the "law in action," to provide a basis for cross-national comparative analysis. Preliminary results will be presented at the annual conference of the Law & Society association, June 2 -5 2011 in San Francisco. Law faculty interested in joining the network should contact Prof. Hensler at