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Empirical Studies & Data Sources

NEW BOOK: Class Actions in Context. How Culture, Economics and Politics Shape Collective Litigation

In recent years collective litigation procedures have spread across the globe, accompanied by hot controversy and normative debate. Yet virtually nothing is known about how these procedures operate in practice. Based on extensive documentary and interview research, this volume presents the results of the first comparative investigation of class actions and group litigation 'in action'.

Second Empirical Report on Australian Class Action Litigation Published

Professor Vincent Morabito of Monash University has published the second report of the results of his empirical study of Australian class action litigation. The report presents data about litigation funders, competing class actions and opt out rates, among other issues.

A Framework for Collaborative Research on Class Actions & Group Litigation

A Framework for Collaborative Research on Class Actions & Group Litigation / a presentation by Deborah R. Hensler, Stanford Law School, 2008.

An Empirical Study of Australia's Class Action Regimes -- First Report: Class Action Facts and Figures

An Empirical Study of Australia's Class Action Regimes --First Report: Class Action Facts and Figures / by Prof. Vince Morabito, Dept. of Business Law and Taxation, Monash University. December 2009. 

Canadian Bar Association - National Class Action Database

"The National Class Action Database is a pilot project initiated by the Civil Litigation Section of the Canadian Bar Association... The Database seeks to address some of the challenges for the administration of justice and effective management of judicial resources that arise from multi-jurisdictional class actions. [It] will be a repository for information about the existence and status of class actions across Canada" -- from the About page.