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Second Empirical Report on Australian Class Action Litigation Published

Professor Vincent Morabito of Monash University has published the second report of the results of his empirical study of Australian class action litigation. The report presents data about litigation funders, competing class actions and opt out rates, among other issues.

New Research by Prof. Vince Morabito Finds Class Actions Play Important Role in Australian Worker Rights Litigation

Our colleague Prof. Vincenzo Morabito of Monarsh University (Melbourne, Australia) continues to publish fascinating empirical findings on the uses of class actions in the federal court of Australia and the Victoria state court. This material was first published by Sweet & Maxwell in J Caruana and V Morabito, "Australian Unions - the Unknown Class Action Protagonists" (2011) 30 Civil Justice Quarterly 382 and is reproduced by agreement with the Publishers.

Current Shareholders Claim Issues (September 2010)

John Walker of IMF (Australia) Ltd sends this report on the current status of third-party financing of securities class actions in Australia.

Current Shareholders' Claims Issues

John Walker of IMF (Australia) Ltd sends this overview of the status of third-party funding for shareholders claims in that country.

Group Litigation in Australia

Group Litigation in Australia - “Desperately Seeking” Effective Class Action Regimes (2007)


Group Litigation in Australia - Important Developments from December 2007 to November 2008

Author: Vince Morabito

An Empirical Study of Australia's Class Action Regimes -- First Report: Class Action Facts and Figures

An Empirical Study of Australia's Class Action Regimes --First Report: Class Action Facts and Figures / by Prof. Vince Morabito, Dept. of Business Law and Taxation, Monash University. December 2009. 

Victorian Law Reform Commission (Australia): Civil Justice Review - Report

The Victoria Law Reform Commission Civil Justice Review: Report

From the VLRC's web site: "The commission's Civil Justice Review: Report was launched on 28 May 2008. The report makes 177 recommendations to make the civil litigation in Victoria cheaper, simpler and fairer."