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The Global Class Actions Exchange is a companion to a series of international conferences on the worldwide spread of class actions, group proceedings and other forms of collective litigation that have been organized by Stanford Law School, the Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, and Tilburg University. Since 2007, academicians, judges and lawyers interested in class actions and group litigation have gathered in Oxford, England (2007/2008); Sydney, Australia (2009); Miami, USA (2010); and the Hague, the Netherlands (2011), to share information and perspectives on the evolution of these new forms of litigation in their home countries. The Exchange is directed by Prof. Deborah Hensler of Stanford Law School. Co-editor of this website is Prof. Stefaan Voet of KU Leuven.
In addition, under the umbrella of the U.S. Law and Society Association, an international collaborative research network has been established and is currently conducting comparative case study research on the implementation of class action and group litigation procedures in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, England, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, the US, and Taiwan. The network is co-chaired by Deborah Hensler, Prof. Christopher Hodges (Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies & Erasmus University) and Dr. Ianika Tzankova (University of Tilburg, the Netherlands).
The Global Class Actions Exchange currently includes country reports and other materials prepared for the global class actions conferences; statutes, rules and important cases related to class actions and group litigation; academic and other commentary on global developments regarding class actions; research reports and data; contact information for legal analysts and practitioners who research or practice in the class action or group litigation area; and news of conferences and other events of interest to scholars and practitioners.
If you would like to contribute material for the Global Class Actions Exchange, please contact Deborah Hensler at or Stefaan Voet at