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Country reports

Class Actions in Chile: Update

Agustin Barroilhet (University of Chile Law School) sent us an elaborate update of the status of class actions in Chile.


Class Actions in South Korea

Sujin Lee provided us with a country report about class actions in South Korea, including an overview of the cases brought to date.


Class Actions in Lithuania

Zygimantas Juska sent us an overview of the current status of class actions in Lithuania.


Brief Overview of Japan's New Class Action Regime

Shintaro Shiba (Sony Corporation) provided us with a brief overview of the new 2013 class action regime in Japan. 


Update on Italian Consumer Class Actions

Prof. Remo Caponi from the University of Florence School of Law has sent us an update on Italian consumer class actions.


New Materials on Italian Class Actions and Group Litigation

An embarrassment of riches today on developments regarding Italian class actions. Prof. Elisabetta Silvestri, of the University of Pavia, shares a paper on the cultural dimensions of group litigation and Giulia Principe, who visited Stanford Law School last year, contributes a paper detailing the success -- or lack thereof -- of recent class actions.

What's Going On In Poland? An Update on Class Actions and Litigation Funding

Our friends Magdalena Tulibacka and Radoslaw Goral send this description of developments in Poland. Since its inception a little more than a year ago, some 40 class actions have been filed in Poland, virtually all against public entities.

New Research by Prof. Vince Morabito Finds Class Actions Play Important Role in Australian Worker Rights Litigation

Our colleague Prof. Vincenzo Morabito of Monarsh University (Melbourne, Australia) continues to publish fascinating empirical findings on the uses of class actions in the federal court of Australia and the Victoria state court. This material was first published by Sweet & Maxwell in J Caruana and V Morabito, "Australian Unions - the Unknown Class Action Protagonists" (2011) 30 Civil Justice Quarterly 382 and is reproduced by agreement with the Publishers.

Mexican Class Action Provisions Published

Our colleagues Prof. Manuel Gomez and Eugenio Cardenas have shared the news that the new Mexican Class Action Regulations have been published in the Mexico Federal Gazette, the last stage in the statutory process. The class action provisions will become effective in six months. We expect to post an English language summary of the provisions shortly. In the meantime, those of you who read Spanish can find the details at this link.

German KapMuG extended

Our colleague Prof. Axel Halfmeier shared this note on the extension of the German KapMuG procedure.