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Country reports

Lehman Brothers Litigation Against Citibank Belgium: An Update

Global Class Action Exchange member Stefaan Voet (U. Ghent) reports the recent settlement of mass litigation arising out of the Lehman Brothers collapse.

Italian Class Actions Eight Months In: The Driving Forces

NERA Economic Consulting recently published this report by senior researchers Drs. Renzo Comolli, Massimiliano De Santis and Francesco Lo Passo on early response to Italy's new class action law. For an abstract of the report, go to

Current Shareholders Claim Issues (September 2010)

John Walker of IMF (Australia) Ltd sends this report on the current status of third-party financing of securities class actions in Australia.

Trans-National Litigation: Dutch Developments

An overview of trans-national litigation under the Dutch Collective Settlement Act (WCAM) presented by Prof. Dr. Ianika Tzankova at the 4th International Conference on the Globalization of Class Actions, Miami, December 2010.

New Trends in Standing and Res Iudicata in Collective Suits -- Brazil Legislation

New Trends in Standing and Res Iudicata in Collective Suits - General Report: Civil Law (excerpted; focusing on Brazilian legislation)

Author: Ada Pellegrini Grinover

Group Litigation in Australia

Group Litigation in Australia - “Desperately Seeking” Effective Class Action Regimes (2007)


Group Litigation in Australia - Important Developments from December 2007 to November 2008

Author: Vince Morabito

Class Actions in Singapore

Responses to Questions on Class Actions and Group Litigation in Singapore (2007)

Author: Jeffrey Pinsler 

Class Actions in Malaysia

Class Actions in Malaysia: Principles and Procedural Obstacles (2007)


Class Actions in Malaysia: An Update on the Country Report (2008)

Authors: Yeow-Choy Choong; Sujata Balan